MLSA Policy and Restated By-Laws

  MLSA Amended and Restated Bylaws


Policy Document


The Mt. Lebanon Soccer Association (MLSA) is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to providing a fun and challenging youth soccer experience for the children of Mt Lebanon Pennsylvania. PA West Youth Soccer Association is our local governing body.


Membership in MLSA is automatic for all registered players and for parents and guardians of registered players. MLSA is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by a simple majority of members at the annual open meeting. The open meeting is held in the November/December time period and all members are encouraged to attend.



PO Box 10336,

Pittsburgh, PA 15234



I. Personnel



Players should work hard, have fun and give their best effort every time they are on the field.  Players should arrive at each event with proper equipment and water. Players should listen to and respect the voice of the coach and the referee.  Players should be on time (early) for all events.


Players must adhere to all of the provisions of the MLSA Player Code of Conduct (below).



Parents should be certain that players attend all practices and games.  And while it is the player’s responsibility, help them to remember their equipment and water for each session.  Parents should support the decisions of the Coach. Any disagreements with the coach should be handled off the field and in absence of the players.


Parents must adhere to all provisions of the MLSA Parent Code of Conduct (below).



All coaches are volunteers and MLSA takes responsibility for offering training programs and material suitable for their coaching level. Successful coaches begin with energetic passion and an understanding of the capabilities and interests of children. They later develop the organizational skills and soccer knowledge that is required to deliver quality coaching to our children.  If you are interested in coaching, please contact us.


In-House Division coaches are encouraged to have a youth coaching license. Travel Division coaches at the u10 level must have a national youth coaching license, both of which MLSA covers financially.


PA West requires a criminal background check and a child abuse check on all coaches and assistant coaches.


Coaches will be asked to attend periodic meetings.  These meetings should be considered mandatory.


Coaches must adhere to all provisions of the MLSA Adult Code of Conduct (below).



Referees for the In-House and Travel Divisions are provided by the MLSA to properly officiate the games. Travel Referees attend a USSF referee license course for certification. Anyone aged 14 or older may attend this national course to be certified as a referee. In-House referees are obliged to complete a course designed by the MLSA for our In-House program.  Anyone aged 12 or older may attend this course. The In-House referee does not earn a national USSF License. For more information on becoming a referee, please check our website.


Referees must adhere to all provisions of the MLSA Adult Code of Conduct (below).



A big challenge faced by the MLSA is to maintain an active group of volunteer adults. Coaches are critical, but help with the concession stands, tournament, field maintenance and association management is necessary. If you have any time or skills to donate please contact the MLSA.


Volunteers must adhere to all provisions of the MLSA Adult Code of Conduct (below).



II. MLSA Program Descriptions


Inhouse  – Lebo Cup

Lebo Cup is a cooperation of players and parents learning the basics of soccer.  The teams meet at various times during the week and again on Saturdays for 1-hour games.  Various micro sized fields are used to keep every player involved and touching the ball. This division is "instructional" for players, coaches, and parents as we all learn together. The Fall program includes players in grades 3 thru 12.  The Spring program includes grades 2 through 8.

The MLSA tries to balance the teams each season; therefore players may not necessarily stay on the same team from season to season. One team jersey is required for each player – purchasing information will be provided at the time of registration. Shin guards, water bottle, a soccer ball and appropriate attire are required.



Teams from Mt Lebanon compete with teams from other surrounding communities. Players are between the ages of 10 and 14 years (Fall) and 17 (Spring). Travel teams practice one or two days a week and play Sunday games.  Travel distance for games is dependent on scheduling from PA West. 

Games are 6v6 on (60x40) fields at the U10 age groups, 8v8 on larger 50x80 fields for Under-11/12 age group, and U13 and up play 11v11 on regulation fields. 

Uniforms are purchased separate to, but at the time of initial registration, and are intended to be used for several seasons.  Shin guards, water bottle, a soccer ball and appropriate attire are required.


Players are first selected and then assigned to teams based on each player’s skill level. Skill level is determined by prior season coach's rankings, in season age level practice sessions and tryouts.  Tryouts are mandatory for U10 through U14. The assigned head coach chooses U15 and U17 teams.




Mt. Lebanon is proud to offer a soccer program to children with special needs.  Play is adapted to meet the needs of the individual player. Each player is assigned a volunteer “Soccer Buddy” to assist on the field. TopSoccer is organized by the MLSA and is intended for the enjoyment of children from Mt Lebanon and surrounding communities. The program is offered to children and teenagers age 6 and up.



Summer and Winter Futsal

All players are invited to play during the “off” months in a relaxed, no pressure atmosphere.  The free play style of these sessions promotes individual growth through skill acquisition. The game is based loosely on the Futsal format.  The summer session will be out doors while the winter session is played indoors.


III. Commitment


Many players have multiple sports, band, enrichment, etc to juggle.  The MLSA applauds this, as we believe that young players should not be pigeonholed into one sport or activity.

Generally speaking, each sport at our children's age group has two levels of play, "in house" or "rec" and "travel".

What is somewhat unique to soccer is that our Travel program tends to overlap other sports' in-house programs.

The important thing to remember when scheduling your child is that a travel team is made of individuals who tried out and were selected for this level of play.  Many other children were denied the ability to play Travel based mostly on their level of skill in that sport.


While each family will ultimately make their own decisions, you are urged to consider the difference between a travel team and an in-house team when making your decisions.  Neighboring communities have specifically indicated that Travel games take priority over all in-house programs.


Finally, the MLSA does ask each coach to evaluate a player's commitment to the program. This information is given equal weight as a factor when considering onto which team to place that individual the following year.



IV. Non-Resident Participation


The charter of the Mt. Lebanon Soccer Association states that its purpose is to provide soccer for the residents of Mt. Lebanon.  As stated in the bylaws, this may be amended by the Board of Directors to allow players from other communities to participate in MLSA programs.


Permanent Exceptions are as follows:


1)   Top Soccer – every attempt should be made so that the majority of players in the program are residents of Mt Lebanon.

2)   Adult League – any team in the PA West adult division that is part of MLSA will have at least 60% of its roster as Mt Lebanon residents.



V. Codes Of Conduct


MLSA PlayerCode Of Conduct 


·       I will play for fun and enjoyment of the game.

·       I will work hard to improve my soccer skills.

·       I will be a team player, get along with and cooperate with my coaches and teammates.

·       I will always be a good sport.

·       I will respect my coaches, teammates, parents, opponents, and referees.

·       I will not argue with the referee.

·       I will not use any profanity at practices or during games.

·       I will not, under any circumstances, participate in physical violence or threats of physical violence before, during or after any game or practice.

·       I will not use alcohol or illegal drugs.

·       I will obey the laws of the game and play within the spirit of the laws.



MLSA AdultCode Of Conduct


·       I agree to support the Mt Lebanon Soccer Association and will require my players to abide by the Players Code of Conduct.

·       I will not use or possess alcohol, illegal drugs or weapons while attending MLSA matches.

·       I will not under any circumstance shout abusively at my child or any other child.

·       I will not under any circumstance shout abusively or threaten any physical abuse to any coach or referee.

·       I will not dispute any call made by the referee; and I understand that the MLSA may sanction any spectator who verbally abuses or assaults a referee.

·       I will not coach my child or other children from the sideline during the game.

·       I will only make positive comments to the players and it is understood that coaches and not parents shall provide instructional input during games.

·       I understand that the game is for the children not for the adults.

·       I understand that obscenities are strictly prohibited and that the referee shall instruct any spectator guilty of using obscenity to leave the venue.

·       I understand that MLSA parents are responsible for the behavior of all of their team’s guests/spectators and that they shall act in accordance with this Code of Conduct.

·       I understand that spectators are to take the side of the field opposite the teams; spectators will remain at least 3 feet behind the touchline; if, during the match, the spectators behavior is out of line then the referee will ask the coaches to speak to the spectators; if the behavior continues, it is within the discretion of the referee to ask the offending spectator(s) to leave the venue; and the referee shall abandon the match if the spectators become unruly and out of control.



VI. Disciplinary Action


Any player or adult; volunteer, employee or otherwise who is in violation of the Codes of Conduct is subject to disciplinary action.  Disciplinary action – will be at the discretion of the MLSA President. The President will consult with interested parties and the Director of the Program where the infraction occurred. Actions include but are not limited to probation, suspension, and suspension for life. In all cases, a notice about the decision of disciplinary action will be sent to the offender within 72 hours of the decision. Any probations or suspensions will be without monetary refund.  Probations or suspensions can be for any length of time as decided by the President.



VII. Program Reimbursement Policy     

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines and establish procedures for all cancellations and refunds that take place as a result of Mt Lebanon Soccer Association programming and events.

To request a refund for a program, please send an email to with the name of the program and player along with the reason.  

Your request will then be sent to the specific Program Director for review and the decision will be based on our Reimbursement Policy.

Reasons for reimbursement consideration include:



 Scheduling conflicts

 Transferring to another MLSA Program

Unfortunately, refunds will not be provided for programs for the following reasons: 

 Unhappy with team assignment

 Too many weather cancellations

 Friend or coach request not honored
 Any request exceeding the timing guidelines explained in this policy.

Reimbursements associated with team programs such as Travel Soccer, Lebo Cup, RT19, Summer Futbol, Clinics and Winter Futsal will follow these guidelines:

 Any reimbursement request for a player who has registered for Lebo Cup, RT19, Summer Futbol, Clinics and Winter Futsal—but has not yet been assigned to a team—will be eligible for a reimbursement percent of 95% of the original registration fee assuming they have NOT been placed on a team. Once a player is placed on a team, the reimbursement percent drops to 75% through week two of the program. No reimbursement will be considered once a program reaches week two.

 Any reimbursement request for a player who has registered for Travel Soccer will be eligible for a reimbursement percent of 95% of the original registration fee assuming they have not been invited and/or placed on a team. Once a player is invited or placed on a team, no reimbursement requests will be considered.

Reimbursements associated with training programs such as Spring/Fall Development, GK Training, and any other development programs will follow these timing guidelines:

Request received prior to the start of the program = 95% Reimbursement.

Request received after the program has started through week two = 75% Reimbursement.

Requests received after week two will not be considered for reimbursement.